19 May 2021

What to keep in mind when developing modern mobile app

What to Pay Attention to When Creating Mobile Applications

Being a developer is not an easy job, even though more and more enterprises and online stores are deciding to introduce mobile applications. As a result, programmers and IT companies have their hands full. With the sheer volume of information, high requirements and standards, it is worth knowing a few useful tips that will be helpful in creating an intuitive mobile application for the user. This is all the more important because mobile application development is becoming more and more important to many companies. More than 3 billion people worldwide use smartphones, and more than 1.5 billion - tablets. Users spend an average of 90% of their mobile time using apps, over 700 million apps have been downloaded from various app stores. (https://pixelfield.co.uk/app-development/).

The most important features of a good application

When creating a mobile application, you need to pay attention to details. At some point, however, you have to focus on what is most important in the entire project. When we face the challenge of creating a mobile application, we should get as much information as possible related to its expected functioning. If you are developing an application for accounting services, you should have some basic information about the tax system. In addition to writing an application, it will help you communicate with the client who commissioned the creation of a given program. When it comes to the speed and performance of the application – these aspects seem quite prosaic. However, as research shows, the speed of the application is the most important feature expected by the end user. The study was conducted by Akamai and Forrester Research. Almost half of Internet users expect the applications they use to load in 2 seconds or less. What’s more, 79% of online shoppers say they won't come back to buy again in online stores with performance issues.

Usability of the application

Make sure your mobile application is intuitive. Today's smartphone users do not like to waste time figuring out how to navigate through individual application windows. The program architecture should contain as few unnecessary elements as possible. The better the efficiency and speed of use, the more often your product will be installed and used. Before creating an application, find out what solutions are provided by similar ones that already exist on the market. Thorough research will allow you to avoid a situation in which you duplicate solutions that do not work. Apart from this, it's good for you to realize which ones you find particularly attractive. Remember that a good mobile application is one that you would like to use yourself.

The popularity of mobile solutions

It is worth realizing that there are certain "superstars" among mobile applications, the duplication of which may not necessarily bring the developer the fame they want. It is true that introducing certain improvements is always worth its weight in gold, but it is also worth creating something new to start with. Make sure not to copy, just get inspired by the available options. The mobile application market is extremely mobile - users' expectations change, and so do their devices. As a creator, keep yourself updated, so that over time you can write something that will revolutionize the market and respond to the most urgent needs of users. Updating your knowledge and learning to use new coding languages can help you stay ahead of the competition. Always be one step ahead. Read, listen to the latest news and don’t be afraid to try new solutions. Good luck!

Lukasz Bozek

Lukasz Bozek is a founder and CEO of Softiero, a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and MBA at Lazarski University. Lukasz started his career as a FX dealer at Santander Bank. As a passionate of new technologies he founded Softiero which is developing innovative tech startups.


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