26 May 2021

PWA, the modern way to make your website mobile

PWA, the Modern Way to Make Your Website Mobile

Progressive Web Apps, abbreviated as PWAs, are gaining in popularity and more and more websites and web applications are incorporating PWA elements. In this article, you will learn what progressive web apps are and how to easily get started with them. I will also tell you what possibilities PWA related techniques open up for you.

What is a PWA?

PWA (Progressive Web Application), is an application model, which was constructed on the basis of web language. Compared to standard applications, it is distinguished by the fact that it works offline, using the functions available in the system of the device.

Excessively long application start-up on smartphones? This is the past!

PWA is the market's answer to customer expectations. It is increasingly often said that mobile devices are overloaded with applications that take up a lot of disk space, and running them requires too many smartphone resources. As a result, phones are becoming less efficient and their users need more time to get the information they need. A progressive Web Application is the solution to these problems. A PWA does not require the use of traditional applications that need to be downloaded and then installed on your phone. All a user needs is a website URL and a search engine to use it. However, this does not mean that they cannot add the PWA application to their start screen. On the contrary, this is a solution that will be offered to them when they enter the website. They can decide whether they want to use it through the browser or through a dedicated application. What is important, this kind of application takes up little space on the device's disk, because it is hosted with the help of the target service. the Onet application is an example of a PWA. In the PWA version it takes less than 150 KB. On the other hand, in the Android version it is almost 25 MB.

PWA - why is it worth it and what benefits does it give you?

This kind of solution has many advantages from the point of view of mobile application user. It helps to minimize the problem of insufficient memory on devices. The benefit of PWA technology is the minimization of necessary actions on the part of the user. In order for the user to use such applications, they do not have to download them or update them later. This is also beneficial for those who want to work with PWAs, as these apps are less expensive to create and also intuitive to use. This will allow your employees to quickly adapt to the new nature of your business. Using a PWA will also make it easier for you to work compatibly across multiple devices - unlike standard apps, a PWA is not dedicated to specific Android or IOS software. It works on any type of device that has a browser. Additionally, you have the option to work offline. Thanks to the Service Worker script, the application - when there is such a possibility - downloads data, giving you the opportunity to use it later without Internet access. The benefit of a Progressive Web Application is also the time it takes for the page to load using the technology. It takes about a second, while top applications start from several to even several dozen seconds. A PWA also helps to keep the interest of the user visiting the site for longer. If you own an online store or offer your services online and you want your customers to be able to get to know your offer in an accessible way - contact us. Softiero's developers will help you create an application that will increase conversions and make your visitors stay longer on your website.

Website in PWA

Adapting your app to Google's algorithms and social networks is essential for it to start competing with popular apps available on the market in general. By designing your app according to PWA guidelines, you will give your app the chance to gain the attention of a wider audience. The example of AliExpress shows that using a PWA increased the conversion of new users by more than 100%. But that's not all - the session duration increased by over 70% and the number of page views per session doubled.

Examples of PWA applications among market-leading brands.

A PWA is a solution whose phenomenon has been appreciated by many global brands. The implementation of Progressive Web Apps guidelines brought them many benefits. An example of such a brand is the aforementioned AliExpress. However, it is not the only leader that uses a PWA. Do brancs such as Uber, Starbucks, Tinder or OLX ring a bell? They too have seen the potential in Progressive Web Apps.

Online store vs. a PWA - is it worth it?

It is! A PWA will help you, for example, in positioning your store and the products in it. Alex Russell, an engineer working on Google's software, said that the appeal of a PWA is that it combines both the advantages of using mobile apps and the advantages of using websites.

A PWA in an online store also brings benefits in the form of:

  • better SEO - a PWA is heavily promoted by Google, and therefore also by search engines. All because using a PWA is more comfortable for the user. Google's algorithm notices this and promotes such a solution more strongly.
  • faster page loading - customers are quite impatient and expect speed from websites. According to research, if a website does not load within 3 seconds, 40% of customers will leave it. With a PWA you are not threatened by this. So if you have a problem with a slow website - contact Softiero. We will help you to fix it.
  • Increase in conversions - this is the effect you surely hope for when you own an online store. Increasing the transparency and user-friendliness of your website makes it possible to double your conversions.

Lukasz Bozek

Lukasz Bozek is a founder and CEO of Softiero, a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and MBA at Lazarski University. Lukasz started his career as a FX dealer at Santander Bank. As a passionate of new technologies he founded Softiero which is developing innovative tech startups.


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