05 May 2021

How to Choose an e-Commerce Platform for an Online Store?

Are you starting an e-commerce business? Or maybe you are planning to migrate your store? Sooner or later you will face the dilemma of which e-commerce platform is best for your online store.

19 April 2021

User Experience - Discovering the User's Needs in an Advanced Way

All IT solutions are created to maximally improve the work of users. User experience (UX) is a revolutionary idea that appeared in the work of developers when people started to notice what end users really expect.

18 April 2021

Switch Your Business to Remote Working - Together with a Software House!

In the course of the pandemic, more and more companies are deciding to run their business remotely and, consequently, move enterprise resources to the cloud.

17 April 2021

How to Increase Your Online Store Sales by Working with a Software House?

Online store owners forget about the fact that in the conditions of market competition, care about the technical side of the store should continue uninterrupted.

16 April 2021

Keep Everything Under Control. What Should a Software House Contract Include?

If you have never worked with an external company on an IT project, you may not know what such a document looks like and what it should include.

15 April 2021

First Time... with a Software House? Learn How Effective Cooperation Should Look!

Are you implementing an IT project in your company and looking for professionals to carry it out? Or perhaps you have an internal team of programmers, but previous projects were not always successful?