21 July 2021

How to recognize a good software house?

The demand for dedicated software in companies is growing. This is due to the dynamic technological development and the awareness that there are solutions to improve the functioning of the company.

09 June 2021

Outsourcing of IT projects. Is it worth entrusting software house?

The basis for success in e-business is an interesting product and a good sales strategy. To implement this, however, you need advanced technical knowledge of programming and Internet marketing, and often also professional in-house IT solutions that will allow for the better management of tasks in the company.

02 June 2021

Trends in Creating Mobile Applications in 2021

In the era of almost complete dependence of our lives on new IT solutions, including such areas as the economy, banking or even health care, it is worth being up to date on what the user expects from a mobile application developer. As recent times have shown us, being a programmer you have to be ready for any eventuality.

26 May 2021

PWA, the modern way to make your website mobile

Progressive Web Apps, abbreviated as PWAs, are gaining in popularity and more and more websites and web applications are incorporating PWA elements. In this article, you will learn what progressive web apps are and how to easily get started with them. I will also tell you what possibilities PWA related techniques open up for you.

19 May 2021

What to keep in mind when developing modern mobile app

What to Pay Attention to When Creating Mobile Applications Being a developer is not an easy job, even though more and more enterprises and online stores are deciding to introduce mobile applications.

12 May 2021

Apps that Are Experienced! Take Advantage of Mobile App UX trends!

Mobile application development is a complex process requiring the work of professionals from various fields. This is why it is crucial to cooperate with a good software house which will help with the project at all its stages.