17 April 2021

How to Increase Your Online Store Sales by Working with a Software House?

A very common mistake in creating online stores is that the work on them ends the moment they are launched. Online store owners forget about the fact that in the conditions of market competition, care about the technical side of the store should continue uninterrupted. To make this possible, it is worth cooperating with a professional software house. In this article, I write about the opportunities that regular optimization of your online store provides.

Changes? React immediately!

Cooperation with a software house gives you, above all, the possibility of reacting quickly to changes in Google algorithms. What's more, online stores, which are constantly supported by teams of programmers, have the ability to efficiently identify and take advantage of trends appearing on the web. This is especially important in the UX area, where often one new technology suddenly turns the entire shopping process upside down. The faster you react to emerging changes, the more you'll earn the trust of your customers.

Better data means better decisions

Most shopping platforms have built-in basic statistical mechanisms. They can be extended by using external solutions, but if you want to see the full picture of customer behavior in your online store, you will need a professional team of programmers. Thanks to cooperation with a software house, your store will become 100% data-driven in a short time. Thanks to joint work of Softiero's programmers and analysts, statistical scripts will be created, thanks to which you will be able to control sales according to your most important criteria. The development of dedicated statistical solutions will help you to focus your attention only on the data you really need.

Ensure better and faster contact with your clients

Take into account that your store is visited by customers who often lack product knowledge. Modern e-commerce means not only faster and cheaper shopping. The most popular online stores are those that win the hearts of customers with comprehensive service. That is why you should equip your online store with a chatbot. This is a simple, fast and effective way to get in touch with customers and often a solution for unburdening the support staff. The effectiveness of a chatbot depends primarily on the level of its automation and integration with the store's UI. For this reason, you should have it configured by a professional software house. Implementing an e-commerce platform with a chatbot is a way to solve customer problems at the source. The result? More successful purchases, i.e. more satisfied customers, which directly translates into financial results and trust in the store.

Online store optimization - speed up and improve efficiency yourself

If your store is already several years old, there is a high probability that it deviates from current UX standards. According to marketing research, even small changes in this area can increase sales by up to a dozen or so percent. That is why cooperation with a professional software house can bring you measurable benefits. Our experts will remove the elements from your website that are outdated and need to be removed. Then, they will replace them with new solutions. The scope of optimization of an online store includes many aspects:

  • adapting to server capabilities
  • enabling you to scale your business
  • Enabling store expansion with new product categories
  • UI/UX optimization and much more.

Integration of inventory into your web store

An online store is often not the main sales channel, but only a supplement to a stationary store. Especially then, stationary warehouses play an important role in the business. In some cases, distribution can be the bottleneck of the company's development. If the warehouse is an important part of your business operation, you should seriously consider integrating the warehouse with the store. This will ensure that the list of available products is updated automatically. This, in turn, will not only save you time but also money. Full integration of the store with the warehouse system is a task for a professional software house. After all, it is not only about transferring product quantities between warehouses. Establishing minimum stock levels or introducing restrictions on the quantity of purchased products is necessary for the efficient functioning of the store. The more complex the distribution system, the greater the need to create a dedicated integration solution.

Measure the effectiveness of the changes - get to know the directions of development

Thanks to the solutions introduced to the analytics of your store by our software house specialists, you will receive real-time data which will inform you how the changes introduced have influenced the profitability of your company. It is not only about what will result directly from financial reports or sales statistics. It is also important to know how the specific changes in UX influenced the sales, how the customers' perception of the store changed after performing complex optimization, etc. This is important because it will allow you to evaluate the sense of the changes on an ongoing basis and to set directions for further actions. I'm sure you know this already, but it is worth repeating: in e-commerce there is little room for templated actions. A software house always offers much more than just standard scripts - it is an individual path of store development.

Lukasz Bozek

Lukasz Bozek is a founder and CEO of Softiero, a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and MBA at Lazarski University. Lukasz started his career as a FX dealer at Santander Bank. As a passionate of new technologies he founded Softiero which is developing innovative tech startups.


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