15 April 2021

First Time... with a Software House? Learn How Effective Cooperation Should Look!

Are you implementing an IT project in your company and looking for professionals to carry it out? Or perhaps you have an internal team of programmers, but previous projects were not always successful? If the answer to these questions is yes, then starting cooperation with a software house will be a great idea. You will avoid many problems this way. But how do you find the right software house for your project? How should effective cooperation look? Answers to these and other questions can be found in this article.

How to choose a software house for your company?

The process of searching and choosing a software house is one of the most important stages which will determine the success of the entire project. Especially since work on IT projects always has a long-term dimension and is extended in time. That is why it is worth betting on a reliable and professional company. So how should you start looking for a software house that will match your IT project?

Expectations towards the IT project. You need to know what you want!

When starting your search for a software house, start by defining your expectations with respect to both the IT project and the company you will cooperate with. Write down exactly what you need - a web application or a mobile application, or maybe something in between? The more details you specify in your expectations, the more tailored to your needs the proposal you receive from the software house will be. So think about the following

  • What should the application be used for?
  • Who should it be aimed at?
  • What goals do you want to achieve with this application?
  • Do you know what technology should be used to develop it?
  • What functionalities must the application have - discount codes, product filtering, calculator, etc.

Software house employees should answer all your questions and, if necessary, refuse their offer if it is not able to meet your expectations.

Analyze initial IT project quotes and ask questions!

During your search, don't go by price alone. It is good to be aware that many companies do not include all the costs in the initial quote, so very often the final price may differ significantly from the offer. Do not be afraid to ask questions about incomprehensible elements of the valuation. If the software house put items that are incomprehensible to you on the quote and is not able to explain their rationale, do not start cooperation with them. Go for an honest and reliable company. At Softiero we try to inform our customers about the total price of the project as well as possible additional costs from the very beginning.

How to create a brief for a software house?

Each company has its own way of writing briefs. Some companies write them superficially, while others, on the contrary, include every detail in the brief. The brief for a software house should contain several essential elements:

  • General information about your company.
  • What is your idea for the ongoing IT project?
  • What is the target group of the IT project?
  • How do you imagine the final product?
  • When do you expect the IT project to be completed?
  • What is the budget for the IT project?
  • What is your company guided by when selecting a partner?
  • Specific examples of similar IT projects.
  • What is the most convenient form of communication for your company?
  • Details of the person appointed to contact the software house.


Present your idea for the project. Focus on its most important aspects: describe its goals, users, and what functions the application should have.

Audience group

Describe the target group and its requirements in detail with a precise division into internal recipients - e.g. service administrators, and external recipients, such as customers or employees.

Project description

Write why the project is being created, how it should work and what effects it should bring to your company or brand in detail. The description should include whether the project is a long-term one or if it is an element of a one-off action - e.g. an advertising campaign. This is also the place to inform programmers about technological requirements, programming languages, as well as whether the project is to include hosting and whether you are interested in implementing the project with its subsequent maintenance.

Criteria for partner selection

At this point, discuss what your company will be guided by when choosing a contractor for the project. This will allow the software house to prepare appropriate documentation and collect data that will confirm the required competences.

Communication with the software house

At Softiero, we believe that the basis of successful cooperation is efficient communication with the client. The free flow of information allows for the very quick identification of any discrepancies in the project vision. We understand that you don't need to know all the technical terms and industry slang that are characteristic for programmers. That's why, from the beginning, we try to present our offer and how we can help you as accurately as possible. Every one of our clients is taken care of by a dedicated account manager.

What does cooperation with a software house look like - step by step?

The process of cooperation with a software house takes place in several stages. At the beginning of the cooperation, it is worth asking our employees to define a time frame for each stage. This will allow you to determine the final deadline for completing the project. Cooperation with Softiero usually follows the scenario below:

  • determining the client's expectations,
  • selection of the best solution,
  • implementation,
  • programming,
  • tests,
  • implementation,
  • software updates in the future.

What to expect from a software house?

Expectations concerning cooperation should be presented at the very beginning. What you can certainly expect from a software house is communication, informing about the progress and reporting the completed stages of work. A transparent presentation of costs, as well as reliable adherence to deadlines should be an extremely important element of cooperation.

Lukasz Bozek

Lukasz Bozek is a founder and CEO of Softiero, a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and MBA at Lazarski University. Lukasz started his career as a FX dealer at Santander Bank. As a passionate of new technologies he founded Softiero which is developing innovative tech startups.


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