01 September 2021

Scared that outsourcing software development projects will fail you? Busting myths

More and more companies use software outsourcing. They are aware that a good system is the basis of a smoothly functioning enterprise in times of growing digitalization. We also know that the operation of the system should be outsourced to professionals. We can decide to employ them in the company or to delegate this duty outside.

25 August 2021

Marketplace development - how to succeed with a marketplace app?

The year 2020 was a record year for online sales, influenced by the pandemic that persisted for months. Not only online stores, but especially Marketplaces were in great demand. Allegro, Amazon or eBay are just examples of platforms offering products from many sellers. How did they manage to become so successful? How have they developed an established position in the market?

18 August 2021

Here are 6 questions you should ask yourself when looking for a software development partner

There are specialists who provide other companies with more and more modern solutions to improve their work and support their development. Cooperation with external partners in the field of software engineering seems to be the most advantageous option for companies both in terms of money, as well as the degree of specialization and the scope of knowledge.

11 August 2021

How to Implement New Software in a Company: 3 main strategies for business

New software in an organization is a chance for greater automation of particular processes and thus more efficient work of the team. The reason for its implementation may also be the dynamic growth of the company and thus an increase in demand for new functions. Moreover, software replacement is recommended when working on an already outdated system that is not adapted to current industry and business trends. There are 3 basic strategies of implementing new software - Big Bang, Parallel Adaptation and Phased Adaptation.

04 August 2021

The different types of cloud computing services and how they influence your business

Cloud computing is a service that is based on remote sharing of computing power. Its main advantage is the availability of data stored on it anywhere and anytime. It is also a beneficial solution because of its scalability based on changing needs within the company. There are several types of cloud computing services. Which one is the best option? What impact do they have on the business and its growth?

28 July 2021

5 Principles of software engineering that every engineer should know

Software engineering is not only about coding, it is also the ability to solve problems effectively and as efficiently as possible. Application development is an art that requires from an engineer both knowledge of algorithms and knowledge of unit tests, as well as proven principles developed over many years. What rules should a good software engineer know and use?